Mineral Deposit Type Target(s)

  • Basement gold deposits
  • Palaeo-channel gold deposits
  • Massive Nickel-Copper deposits

Rumble has a significant holding in the Albany Fraser Range Region, Western Australia with over 1126 Square kilometres of highly prospective tenure.

The Thunderstorm and Thunderdome JV Projects with IGO Limited (ASX:IGO) comprises four tenements, E28/2528, E28/2529, E28/2595 and E28/2366  (70% IGO / 30% RTR).

The Thunderbolt Project; E28/2924 and ELA28/3062, Thunderclap Project; E28/2971, E28/2972, E28/2973 and E28/2968 and Squall Project; E28/3155 are 100% owned by Rumble.

Image 1 – Fraser Range Projects

Thunderstorm JV Project – 70% IGO 30% RTR

First stage exploration by JV Partner Independence Group (ASX:IGO) utilised the SPECTREM AEM system to map the depth of cover and to highlight conductors under shallow cover along with acquiring magnetics data.

Along with the geophysics, IGO completed a wide spaced air core drilling program 1.5km by 400m pattern over the project delivered exciting results including a new significant shallow high-grade gold intercepts and widespread gold throughout the Thunderstorm JV project which lies within the Albany Fraser Province which is known for its world-class discoveries including the large scale Tropicana gold deposit (see image 1).

Of Importance: Preliminary gold grain characterisation by IGO has defined Primary and secondary detrital gold crystals occur indicating High-grade Gold is potentially close to a primary source.

Themis Gold Prospect (Image 2)

2 High-grade gold have been intersected within a palaeo-drainage and into basement rocks.

  • 16m @ 6.69 g/t Au from 42m (20AFAC11321 – vertical – 4m comp)
    • including 4m @ 22.2 g/t Au from 50m
  • 6m @ 9.15 g/t Au from 48m –  (18AFAC30771 – true width)

Pion Gold Prospect (Image 2)

Some 13 km further along the palaeo-drainage at the Pion Prospect, hole 18AFAC20486 returned:

  • 4m @ 3.8 g/t Au from 86m

Regional Prospects (Image 2)

  • Reconnaissance AC drilling over the entire Thunderstorm Project area has been completed on a 1.5km by 400m pattern intersecting significant widespread gold throughout the project highlighting the potential for multiple deposits

Image 2 – Fraser Range Projects

Thunderbolt Project –  100% RTR

The Thunderbolt Project lies south of and contiguous to the Thunderstorm JV Project.

An airborne magnetic survey completed by Rumble has shown the significant gold mineralising structures from the Thunderstorm Project and IGO owned tenure, which hosts the Torquata and Salubris gold prospects, potentially extend into the Thunderbolt Project

No drilling has been completed within the Thunderbolt Project

Image 3 – Thunderstorm JV &Thunderbolt Projects Over Regional Magnetics with Inferred Structures And Drilling Results

Potential for Multiple Gold Deposits

Within the Thunderstorm and Thunderbolt projects, a corridor of gold mineralising structures (>60km strike) has been inferred by Rumble to potentially represent multiple basement-hosted primary gold sources for the widespread gold distribution identified in multiple palaeo-drainage systems.

Image 4 – Thunderstorm and Thunderbolt Projects – Potential Targets over Magnetics (Rumble Airborne Magnetic Survey Merged)

Thunderdome JV Project – 70% IGO 30% RTR

The Thunderdome Project is located on the main Fraser Range gravity ridge associated with dense mafic/ultramafic rocks of the Fraser Complex. It has a large prominent dome feature clearly visible on regional airborne magnetic images. This large dome feature is one of the largest in the Fraser Range and has a fold axis of some 22km. Within this larger target area are also several smaller features which may represent later stage intrusions.

The Thunderdome project is located 30 km north-east along trend of the recent Mawson nickel-copper discovery (refer Image 5) made by Legend Mining.

JV Partner Independence Group (ASX:IGO) has generated multiple prospects.

Sailfish Nickel-Copper Target (image 5)

  • Coincident magnetic low/gravity high features that are conceptual targets analogous of Legend Mining’s Mawson Ni-Cu discovery

Old Soldiers Nickel-Copper-Zinc Target (image 5)

  • Multiple EM conductors over a 12km Cu-Zn trend have the potential for VHMS and/or magmatic Ni-Cu deposits

Image 5 – Thunderdome Old Soldiers and Sailfish prospects located 30km along trend from the Mawson Ni-Cu Discovery