Mineral Deposit Type Target(s)

  • Targeting Large Scale Magmatic Ni-Cu-Co sulphide deposits
  • Targeting Large Scale Ta-Nb-Sn-Li-Cs-Rb-Ree Deposits
  • Targeting High-Grade Gold Deposits

Rumbles 100% owned Wardawarra Project consists of one (1) granted exploration license (E20/967) and one (1) exploration license application (ELA59/2443) for a total area of 213.3 km². 

The Wardawarra Project is contiguous to the north and south of Rumbles 100% owned Western Queen Gold Project which consists of two (2) granted mining leases, M59/45 and M59/208, and has a JORC (2012) Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) of 2.1Mt @ 2.42 g/t Au for 163,000oz. There are a number of operating gold processing facilities in close proximity of the Western Queen Gold Project (see image 1). The closest mill is Gascoyne Resources Limited’s (ASX:GCY) Dalgaranga Mill (48km) which has a capacity of 2.5 Mtpa.

Image 1 – Project Location with Neighbouring Gold Processing Faculties

Yinga Ni-Cu-Co Prospect

Historic drilling defined significant oxide Nickel, Copper and Cobalt at the Yinga prospect 5km north of the Western Queen Gold Project. Intersections include:

  • 19.8m @ 0.88% Ni, 0.1% Co from 10.7m (PDH16) Including 9.1m @ 1.26% Ni from 19.8m
  • 50.3m @ 0.64% Ni from 10.7m (PDH11) Including 4.6m @ 1% Ni from 15.2m
  • 39.6m @ 0.63% Ni, 0.08% Co from surface (entire hole PDH05) Including 16.8m @ 0.81% Ni from 6.1m
  • 25.9m @ 0.69% Ni from 13.7m (PDH14)
  • 22.5m @ 0.69% Ni from 12.5m (DDH1 – part assayed)
  • Nickel mineralisation defined over 1.8km of strike with three prospective ultramafic horizons with potential for further parallel zones east of the Yinga Prospect
  • Historic drilling tested only the shallow oxide-transition zone highlighting significant potential for massive Nickel-Copper-Cobalt sulphides down dip/plunge and along strike


Image 2 –Location of Yinga Prospect and Environs over Airborne Magnetics (RTP1VD)

Image 3 –Yinga Ni-Cu-Co Prospect – Stacked Drill Hole Section YY

Tantalus Ta-Nb-Sn Prospect – Li Potential

  • A series of fertile pegmatites (Ta, Nb, Sn) occur along the eastern margin of the Wardawarra greenstone belt with the Wardawarra Project with only one pegmatite, the Tantalus Ta-Nb-Sn prospect tested by historic drilling
  • The Tantalus Ta-Nb-Sn Prospect is a large flat lying pegmatite over 600m in strike and up to 60m in width previously mined for alluvial tantalum, niobium and tin – Open along strike and at depth
  • No Lithium, Rubidium, Caesium or Rare Earth Elements assays completed

Image 4 –Location Plan of the Tantalus Ta-Nb-Sn Prospect over RGB

Gold Prospects

Western Queen Gold Deposit(s) – Extension

  • The inferred southern extension of the Western Queen Shear Zone extends into the Wardawarra Project (E20/967) under 10 – 15m of cover approximately 1.5km south of the Western Queen South Pit. No drilling has tested the zone.
  • The inferred northern extension of the Western Queen Shear Zone has not been drill tested under cover 1km north of the Western Queen Central Pit within M59/208 and into the Wardawarra Project (E20/967).

East Trixie Gold Prospect

  • The inferred southern extension of the mineralised Western Queen Shear Zone is interpreted to be associated with a series of historic gold prospects collectively known as East Trixie.

High-Grade Au System

Historic High-Grade gold intercepts showcase the exploration upside along the Western Queen Shear Zone including:

  • 4m @ 49.73 g/t Au from 134m (QND-38975-1)
  • 5m @ 38.76 g/t Au from 193m – (WQRC188)
  • 8m @ 26.27 g/t Au from 14m (WQRC155)
  • 7m @ 60.6 g/t Au from 70m – (WQJC-32)
  • 6m @ 37.34 g/t Au from 50m – (QNC-10310-1)
  • 6.4m @ 36.09 g/t Au from 305.7m (WQD-1072)
  • 6m @ 34.24 g/t Au from 354m (WQRC007D)

Image 5 –East Trixie Au Prospect – Au in Soil Geochemistry and Prospectivity