Mineral Deposit Type Target(s)

  • High-Grade gold open-pittable deposits
  • High-Grade gold underground deposits 

The Western Queen Gold project lies 110km NW of Mt Magnet within the Yalgoo Mineral field of Western Australia and comprises of two mining leases M59/45 and M59/208 and 2 exploration tenements E20-0967 and E59-2443 which are 100% RTR.

The Project has 3 nearby operating gold processing mills (see image 1). The closest mill is the Dalgaranga Mill (48km) which has a capacity of 2.5 Mtpa. The Checkers Mill (Mt Magnet) has a capacity of 1.9 Mtpa and the Tuckabianna Mill has a capacity of 1.2 Mtpa.

Image 1 – Project Location with Neighbouring Gold Processing Faculties

M59/45 and M59/208 History & Resources

The two mined deposits at the Western Queen Gold Project have a combined historic production of 880,000t @ 7.6 g/t Au for 215,000oz. The Western Queen (Central) Mine produced 660,000t @ 8.9 g/t Au for 189,500oz and the Western Queen South Mine (from two stages) produced 220,000t @ 3.6 g/t Au for 25,500oz.

An independent updated mineral resource was completed in August 2021. The updated Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) produced a 35% increase in the total resource from the previous estimate. The combined Indicated and Inferred Resource is 2.1Mt @ 2.42g/t Au for a total of 163,268 ounces. The total Indicated Resources now stand at 1.1Mt @ 1.95g/t Au for a total of 67,145 ounces, which represents a 145% increase over the previous estimate. The combined open cut and underground resource for the Western Queen project is presented in Table 1.

Table 1 – Western Queen Project Resource Estimate

2.7km of Gold Mineralisation and Open

Image 2 –Western Queen Gold Project – Longitudinal Section of Resources, previous mining and near deposit Exploration Potential

The Duke and Western Queen Central Prospects

  • Multiple High-Grade Gold Shoots
  • Same style of structural control
  • Same mineralisation style with High-Grade Gold hosted in tremolite skarn (after pyroxene skarn – diopside)

Image 3 – Duke Longitudinal Section – Gram Metre Contours with Drill Results

Image 4 – Western Queen Central High-Grade Main Shoot Longitudinal Section – Gram Metre Contours

Baron Prospect – Near Surface Resources

Image 5 – Baron and Western Princess Zones – Longitudinal Section with Gram Metre Contouring

Western Queen South Deposit  – Open Pit & Underground Resources

Image 6 –Western Queen South Deposit – Section WQRC188 

Image 7 – Western Queen South Deposit – Gram-Metre Gold Contouring Longitudinal Section

Marquis Zone – WQ South Extension

Image 8 – Marquis Zone Plan – Location of Mineralisation and Drill Holes

Potential for Additional Resources

ML59/45 and ML59/208  

  • Immediately below the current resources (Western Queen South (WQS) and Western Queen Central)
  • Northeast along strike from the Duke Prospect
  • Mineralisation is open immediately to the NE from Duke – 8m @ 7.22 g/t Au
  • Some 2km further NE from Duke and along the WQSZ, shallow oxide mineralization has been defined at the Cranes Prospect – 14m @ 4.87 g/t Au from surface and 11m @ 1.85 g/t Au from surface.
  • South along strike along the WQSZ from the WQS Deposit
    • Mineralisation (and alteration) is open to the south – 6m @ 4.3 g/t Au and 4m @ 5.67 g/t Au

E20/0967 (see image 3) 

  • Review of historic drilling has highlighted the lack of exploration drilling both north and south of ML59/45 and ML59/208 within granted tenement E20/0967.
  • Geophysical interpretation utilizing multiple airborne magnetic imagery has highlighted the WQSZ (significant demagnetization zone – alteration fluids) extends for at least 5 km south and 5km north of ML59/45 and ML59/208 into E20/0967.
  • A further review of historic exploration information has indicated little if any surface geochemistry for gold has been conducted. Interpretation of the geomorphology (surface cover) suggests the WQSZ is under shallow cover.

Previous High-Grade gold intercepts showcase the exploration upside regionally along the Western Queen Shear Zone including:

The Duke (North of WQ Central)

  • 8m @ 26.27 g/t Au from 14m (WQRC155)
  • 6m @ 25.87 g/t Au from 48m (WQRC157)
  • 7m @ 60.6 g/t Au from 70m – (WQJC-32)
  • 6m @ 37.34 g/t Au from 50m – (QNC-10310-1)
  • 11m @ 16.8 g/t Au from 51m – (WQP-1055)
  • 11m @ 9.75 g/t Au from 55m – (WQP-1083)

Western Queen Central – Down Plunge

  • 6.4m @ 36.09 g/t Au from 305.7m (WQD-1072
  • 6m @ 34.24 g/t Au from 354m (WQRC007D)
  • 5m @ 22 g/t Au from from 280m (WQRC150)
  • 11.8m @ 16.08 g/t Au from 340.4m (WQD-1089)·

The Baron (South Of WQ Central)

  • 2m @ 40.37 g/t Au from 4m (WQY-85)
  • 3m @ 10.42 g/t Au from 1m (WQY-123)
  • 3m @ 9.30 g/t Au from 3m (WQY-76)

Western Princess

  • 3m @ 19.9 g/t Au from 8m WQRC011

Western Queen South Deposit

  • 3m @ 66 g/t Au from 135m (QND-38975-1)
  • 5m @ 17.69 g/t Au from 83m (QNC-8900-1)
  • 5m @ 38.76 g/t Au from 193m (WQRC188)
  • 17m @ 5.7 g/t Au from 221m (WQRC188)
  • 4m @ 49.73 g/t Au from 134m (QND-38975-1)

Cranes Prospect – (2km north of WQ Central)

  • 14m @ 4.87 g/t Au from surface (CRAC015)

Image 9 – Western Queen Shear Zone Prospectivity over TMI Airborne Magnetics