Mineral Deposit Type Target(s)

  • High-grade gold open-pittable deposits
  • High-Grade gold underground deposits 

The Western Queen Gold project lies 110km NW of Mt Magnet within the Yalgoo Mineral field of Western Australia and comprises of two mining leases M59/45 and M59/208 and 2 exploration tenements E20-0967 and E59-2443 which are 100% RTR.

The Project has 3 nearby operating gold processing mills (see image 1). The closest mill is the Dalgaranga Mill (48km) which has a capacity of 2.5 Mtpa. The Checkers Mill (Mt Magnet) has a capacity of 1.9 Mtpa and the Tuckabianna Mill has a capacity of 1.2 Mtpa.

Image 1 – Project Location with Neighbouring Gold Processing Faculties

M59/45 and M59/208 History & Resources

The two mined deposits at the Western Queen Gold Project have a combined historic production of 880,000t @ 7.6 g/t Au for 215,000oz. The Western Queen (Central) Mine produced 660,000t @ 8.9 g/t Au for 189,500oz and the Western Queen South Mine (from two stages) produced 220,000t @ 3.6 g/t Au for 25,500oz.

An updated mineral resource (Payne Geological Services Pty Ltd – Independent) was completed in January 2018. Rumble has reviewed and verified the indicated and inferred resource (refer ASX announcement 6 August 2019), and estimates remaining resources beneath both mined deposits of 962,000t @ 3.9 g/t Au for 120,000oz.

Table 1 – Western Queen Project Resource Estimate (Payne Geological Services)

2.7km of Gold Mineralisation and Open

Image 2 – 2.7 Km of gold mineralisation – Longitudinal Section of Various Prospects/Zones and Drilling Completed by Rumble to date

The Duke and Western Queen Central Prospects

  • Multiple High-Grade Gold Shoots
  • Same style of structural control
  • Same mineralisation style with High-Grade Gold hosted in tremolite skarn (after pyroxene skarn – diopside)

Image 3 – Duke Longitudinal Section – Gram Metre Contours with Drill Results

Image 4 – Western Queen Central High-Grade Main Shoot Longitudinal Section – Gram Metre Contours

Baron Prospect – Near Surface Resources

Image 5 – Baron and Western Princess Zones – Longitudinal Section with Gram Metre Contouring

Western Queen South Deposit  – Near Surface & Potential Underground Resources

Image 6 –Western Queen South Deposit – Section WQRC188 

Image 7 – Western Queen South Deposit – Gram-Metre Gold Contouring Longitudinal Section

Marquis Zone – WQ South Extension

Image 8 – Marquis Zone Plan – Location of Mineralisation and Drill Holes

WQ Shear Zone High Grade Gold Structure

The Duke (North of WQ Central)

  • 8m @ 26.27 g/t Au from 14m (WQRC155)
  • 6m @ 25.87 g/t Au from 48m (WQRC157)
  • 7m @ 60.6 g/t Au from 70m – (WQJC-32)
  • 6m @ 37.34 g/t Au from 50m – (QNC-10310-1)
  • 11m @ 16.8 g/t Au from 51m – (WQP-1055)
  • 11m @ 9.75 g/t Au from 55m – (WQP-1083)

Western Queen Central – Down Plunge

  • 6.4m @ 36.09 g/t Au from 305.7m (WQD-1072
  • 6m @ 34.24 g/t Au from 354m (WQRC007D)
  • 5m @ 22 g/t Au from from 280m (WQRC150)
  • 11.8m @ 16.08 g/t Au from 340.4m (WQD-1089)·

The Baron (South Of WQ Central)

  • 2m @ 40.37 g/t Au from 4m (WQY-85)
  • 3m @ 10.42 g/t Au from 1m (WQY-123)
  • 3m @ 9.30 g/t Au from 3m (WQY-76)

Western Princess

  • 3m @ 19.9 g/t Au from 8m WQRC011

Western Queen South Deposit

  • 3m @ 66 g/t Au from 135m (QND-38975-1)
  • 5m @ 17.69 g/t Au from 83m (QNC-8900-1)
  • 5m @ 38.76 g/t Au from 193m (WQRC188)
  • 17m @ 5.7 g/t Au from 221m (WQRC188)
  • 4m @ 49.73 g/t Au from 134m (QND-38975-1)

Cranes Prospect – (2km north of WQ Central)

  • 14m @ 4.87 g/t Au from surface (CRAC015)

Regional Prospectivity

E20-0967 and E59-2443 cover the north and south strike extent of the highly mineralised Western Queen Shear Zone (WQSZ).

The tenements cover the entire Warda Warra north-south trending mineralised greenstone belt expanding the strike to 35km.

Image 9 – Western Queen Shear Zone Prospectivity over TMI Airborne Magnetics