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Munarra Gully Cu-Au-Ag-Co Project, Cue Western Australia

Exploration Targets:

  • Large-scale Au-Cu-Ag-Zn VMS Type and Orogenic Shear Related Au-Cu-Ag Sulphide Lode Type
  • High Grade Lateritic Cobalt Deposits

Rumble Resources Ltd owns 80% of E51/1677 and owns 100% of E51/1919 and E51/1927 that form the Munarra Gully Cu-Au Project with Ni – Co potential some 50km NNE of the town of Cue within the Murchison Goldfields.  

Image 1. Munarra Gully Project - Location of Prospect over Regional Magnetics

Amaryllis Gold-Copper-Silver-Zinc Prospect 

The Amaryllis Au-Cu-Ag Prospect lies within E51/1919 (RTR 100%), forming part of the Munarra Gully Project and lies some 60km to the north of the township of Cue, located in the Murchison Goldfields (600km NE of Perth) of Western Australia.

Historic drilling by explorers focused on gold, however, limited partial assaying by these explorers for Cu and Ag, and Rumbles Au-Cu association encountered at the White Rose prospect, highlighted the base metal potential associated with the gold at the Amaryllis Au-Cu-Ag Prospect. The mafic hosted mineralisation style detailed in historic open file exploration reports was not encountered, instead felsic to intermediate volcaniclastics with high level associated porphyritic intrusives was found in all RC drill holes completed by Rumble. Rumble’s drilling successfully confirmed a large-scale Au-Cu-Ag system and identified the mineralisation style has the potential for both large-scale shear hosted Au-Cu-Ag sulphide lode type and Au-Cu-Ag-Zn VMS type deposits.

Rumble’s maiden reconnaissance RC drill programme at the Amaryllis Prospect intercepted multiple high-grade Au and significant Au-Cu-Ag zones confirming a large-scale Au-Cu-Ag system along with identifying two large-scale deposit-type targets. Intersections include:

Significant intersections by Rumble RC drilling (Feb 2020) include:

  • AMRC001 – 8m @ 1.13g/t Au, 0.25% Cu from 92m
  • AMRC003 – 8m @ 0.88 g/t Au, 1.11% Cu, 11.8 g/t Ag from 102m
  • AMRC005 – 4m @ 1.52 g/t Au, 0.96% Cu, 13 g/t Ag from 124m

         4m @ 0.89 g/t Au, 0.81% Cu, 12.4 g/t Ag from 131m

  • AMRC006 – 4m @ 6.21 g/t Au from 94m (composite)
  • AMRC007 – 8m @ 1.94 g/t Au, 0.68% Cu, 9.5 g/t Ag from 142m
  • AMRC008 – 5m @ 11.67 g/t Au from 161m
  • AMRC009 – 4m @ 3.27 g/t Au, 0.46% Cu, 9.1 g/t Ag from 120m
  • AMRC011 – 7m @ 1.21 g/t Au from 103m
  • AMRC012 – 2m @ 13.45 g/t Au from 92m
  • AMRC015 – 4m @ 3.32 g/t Au, 0.52% Cu, 8.9 g/t Ag from 100m

                                10m @ 2.88 g/t Au, 0.54% Cu, 7.5 g/t Ag from 146m

  • AMRC016 – 2m @ 6.28 g/t Au, 0.32% Cu from 84m

                                10m @ 1.35 g/t Au, 0.62% Cu, 9.5g/t Ag from 108m

                                   within 40m @ 0.89 g/t Au, 0.39% Cu, 5.7 g/t Ag from 108m

Significant historic intersections include:

  • MHD045 – 74m @ 0.41% Cu, 0.29 g/t Au from 139m to EOH
    • inc 5m@ 1.71% Cu, 0.82 g/t Au, 21.2 g/t Ag from 139m
    • inc 5m @ 0.74% Cu, 0.51 g/t Au from 164m
    • inc 14m @ 0.58% Cu, 0.45 g/t Au from 192m
  • *Note drill hole ended in mineralisation
  • MHD046 – 8m @ 4.18 g/t Au, 0.51% Cu, 11.63 g/t Ag from 161m
  • MHC021 – 8m @ 3.9 g/t Au from 57m
  • MHC083 – 10m @ 3.1 g/t Au from 75m (composite)
  • MHC033 – 3m @ 5.93 g/t Au from 69m
  • MHC011 – 13m @ 1.52 g/t Au from 72m
  • MHC015 – 12m @ 1.7 g/t Au from 57m
  • ARCC319 – 8m @ 1.31% Cu, 0.82 g/t Au from 104m (composite)
  • Over 1500m of Au-Cu-Ag mineralised strike confirmed. Completely open along strike and down-dip (down-plunge).
  • The Au-Cu-Ag mineralisation is in wide alteration zones up to 50m true width and hosted in felsic to intermediate volcaniclastics and porphyritic felsic intrusives.
  • RC drilling has demonstrated strong strike and dip length continuity of Au-Cu-Ag mineralisation.

Two target styles of Au-Cu-Ag-(Zn) mineralisation have been identified:

  1. Au-Cu-Ag-Zn VMS Type

Multi-element assaying from the current drilling has identified strongly elevated zinc within the hanging wall to the gold-copper-silver. Combined with the interpretation the mineralisation developed close to the transition of felsic to intermediate volcanics, sediments and high-level feeders, this infers the mineralisation likely represents a significant fertile VMS horizon which has the potential to develop Au-Cu-Ag-Zn-VMS deposits.

  1. Orogenic Shear Related Au-Cu-Ag Sulphide Lode Type

Wide widths of alteration with multiple Au Cu Ag sulphide zones is inferred to represent overprinting of the earlier VMS mineralisation by shearing. There is potential for large-scale orogenic shear related Au-Cu-Ag deposit(s) to develop/overprint the earlier VMS horizon along strike

Image 2 – Amaryllis Au-Cu-Ag Prospect – MLEM Conductors and Rumble RC Drilling over AMAG 

   Image 3 – Munarra Gully Project – Plan of Inferred Location of Intermediate Rocks over AMAG RTP 1VD Magnetics 

High Grade Cobalt Prospect

Air core drilling has discovered high-grade lateral Cobalt – Platinum mineralisation under shallow cover. Single metre assaying includes:

  • 2m @ 0.48% Co, 220 ppb Pt from 18m
  • 3m @ 0.37% Co, 75 ppb Pt from 14m
  • 2m @ 0.20% Co, 203 ppb Pt from 11m
  • 1m @ 0.55% Co, 382 ppb Pt from 13m
  • 3m @ 0.11% Co from 15m (LBAC279)
  • 1m @ 0.19% Co from 18m (LBAC303)

Co-Pt mineralisation is associated with a strongly lateritised pyroxenite intrusive under 5m of cover – indicating high potential for high-grade laterite cobalt deposits under shallow cover.

Some 500m of strike has been defined and is open to the southwest over a strike >1km.

Image 4 – Cobalt Prospect – Co Prospect – Location of Air Core Drilling and Significant Drill Hole Results

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